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Located in Lancaster County, PA and also serving her hometown area of  Northeastern PA, Kim is a children's portrait photographer who specializes in creating & playing in one-of-a-kind scenes, known as "styled sessions".  

Styled sessions have strong visual themes that have a storybook feel to them.  Children step into the scene, taking on the role of a character, within the story. Rather than always looking at the camera and smiling, kids are prompted to do activities that are directly related to the scene and story.  This unique approach allows the kids to have fun, the parents to enjoy the experience, and for Kim to let her imagination run wild!

Styled sessions often include collaborations with other small business women owners and interns.  The larger sessions truly take a village! 

To learn more about Kim Winey Photography, collaborating, interning, learning and more, keep scrolling! :)  


What to expect with a kim winey custom photography experience

The Planning Session
The experience begins with the planning session.  The location, theme, clothing, and how to prepare for your session are all talked about and decided upon.  This is also the starting point of getting to know each other!  A great session includes trust and connections, so please share things about yourself and your family during this time! 

The Photo Session
Sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the theme, activities and the number of people in the session.  During the photo session, you, the parents, get to sit back and enjoy the process.  No need to worry about how the kids will behave, Kim will take care of that, too.   This is a stress free experience in which everyone has fun!

The Reveal
After our session Kim will meet with you in person or online for your reveal.  Depending on the collection you choose, this may be a simple transfer of your images or it may be a reveal and ordering session.  During a reveal and ordering session we'll watch a slideshow of your highlight images.  *Crying is not only allowed, but encouraged.  (tears of joy are the ultimate reward!)  Next, you'll view all of your images and decide which portraits you'd like to use to create signature art pieces and prints.   And finally, you'll receive any digital images, personal apps, and slideshows that have been previously purchased.

The Delivery
Approximately 2 months after selecting your signature art pieces, your artwork will be completed, wrapped and hand delivered! 

Keeping in Touch

The photography session might be over, but Kim relishes the friendships that are made during the times that were spent together.  We won't be strangers, even after the experience has wrapped up!  Each person who takes part in a regular styled session will be added to the "Kim Winey Photography's Best of the Best VIP" group on Facebook.  There, you'll receive advanced notifications, special announcements and become a part of our photo-loving community!  Yesss.

learning Opportunities and Weekend Workshops!

In addition to providing photography services, Kim also offers one-on-one mentoring, classes, intern opportunities, and (new this year!) weekend workshops. 

Want to know more about future learning opportunities? Click the link below!

Yes, Please!


About Kim

Kim is married to an amazing man, with the tragic name of Fred. She has a 19 year old, sweet & talented son, whose beard growing skills are the envy of many.  She loves them both as much as chocolate.

Together, they have a dog named Angel, a cat named Taz(manian Devil) and a new, almost one-eyed cat, named Odin. *Edit: Odin has been upgraded to a new cat who we call Freya.

In addition to photography, Kim loves Jesus, connecting with people, creative brainstorming, traveling, eating, yardening, learning, teaching, mild sarcasm, and doing. 

 She does not like wet feet, cleaning, being cold/hungry or paying taxes. 

 And she finds writing in the third person to be awkward, but admittedly effective.