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kim winey offers custom photography experiences -Here's how it works!

The Planning.
To get the ball rolling, you can connect via email - kimwineyphotography@gmail.com.  Send along your phone number and the best time to reach you.  Then get to the good stuff!  Tell me about  yourself.  Tell me about your family.  Tell me your photo dreams- the season, location, style, colors, and vibe.  Don't quite know what you're hoping for?  Let me dream for you.  It's one of the things I live for.  Together, we'll plan a session that will be both beautiful and memorable for all involved.  Ooooor keep an eye out for "Limited Edition" sessions.  Limited edition sessions are announced on my social media pages, as well as, in my email newsletters.  *More info below!

The Session.
Sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of people in the session and the package you've selected.   During our time together, you, the parents, get to sit back and enjoy the process.  No need to worry about how the kids (or your spouse) are behaving or posing,  I'll take care of that for you.  My goal is to make it a pleasant experience from start to finish. 

The Reveal.

After your session I'll share a link & instructions to view and download your artistically edited digital images via a password protected gallery.  You can use these digital images for personal use- sharing them online, creating prints for your home, or to give as gifts.  

Future Sessions

For information about the 2023 Kim Winey Photography Limited Edition sessions click below and send us an email!

Yes, Please!

Kim Winey photography- serving lancaster county, northeastern pennsylvania, and more!

Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and also serving  Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she grew up, Kim is a creative portrait photographer who specializes in making & playing in one-of-a-kind scenes for children and families.  While she sometimes photographs more traditional sessions such as family park sessions, high school seniors, and in-home sessions throughout Pennsylvania, her specialties lie in her "Limited Edition" sessions.

Enjoy details?   This part's for you!  

Kim Winey Photography's Limited Edition sessions usually begin with a theme or story concept which she typically develops in the winter months.  During this time, Kim creates Pinterest boards and lists to collect her ideas and thoughts.  A theme, story, location, colors, clothing choices, props, and activates/poses are all decided upon and selected, over several months.  When the time is right (usually when the weather breaks) she and her husband, Fred, begin building the scene.  Once completed, Kim does an "Experimental Session" or two to test the scene, props, poses, etc..  These sessions are announced on social media and usually include a special price, or bonus time and photos.  Worth noting- during our Limited Edition sessions, rather than always looking at the camera and smiling, the children (and adults when applicable) are prompted to do activities that are directly related to our theme or story. This unique approach allows the kids to have fun, the parents to enjoy the experience, and for Kim to let her imagination run wild! Limited Edition sessions run anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the season and the availability of the location.  So, if you see a theme that you love, it's best to jump in on the fun, while you can!  Session dates and timeslots are limited.  Once a Limited Edition session is wrapped up, the theme is retired and a new one begins. 

To learn more about Kim Winey Photography's Limited Edition sessions  send us an email to join the newsletter list!

In addition to providing photography services, Kim also offers one-on-one mentoring, classes, & workshops. 

About Kim

Kim is married to an amazing man, with the tragic name of Fred. She has a sweet & talented 24-year-old son, whose beard growing skills are the envy of many.  She loves them both as much as chocolate.  This past year, she also inherited an almost-daughter-in-law, as well as, a bonus teenager-granddaughter-niece?  They are quite possibly the most confusing blended family you'll ever meet, but they are happily supporting and loving each other to the fullest extent.

All totaled they have a dog named Angel, a cat named Taz, another named Smudge, a loaf named Shadow, and a Flurken (avoid eye contact) they call Freya.  They live separately-together in one house with two apartments.  Life is not boring!

In addition to photography, Kim loves Jesus, connecting with people, creative brainstorming, traveling, eating, yardening, learning, teaching, mild sarcasm, and doing. 

 She does not like wet feet, cleaning, being cold/hungry or paying taxes (but she does it). 

 And she finds writing in the third person to be awkward, but admittedly effective.